About Moki

Harmakhis Wisdom Amarone Moki

ROI 17/10070


I met Moki the first time in December 2016. He was the unique and super nice male out of a wonderful litter of 9 puppies (Ridgerules Ifa My Treasure x HW Quasha), bred by Sara Venturelli, Harmakhis Wisdom.  At that time, he was a playful puppy who became a very open and enthusiastic young male. Moki is curious and never shy, showing definitely a positive attitude to the world. I have never seen him scared by something, whatever noise or unusual situation. I really think this is one of Moki’s key strength, that made him sincere and friendly with people, always ready to play or wagging the tail.
He definitely likes a lot to play with other dogs and especially with his best friend Zoe, a wonderful, little and very strong German Dachshund female.
We spend our free time walking in the countryside, running, playing and also sleeping on the sofa 🙂
I was told before that Rhodesian Ridgeback were wonderful and special dogs… but I know now, that they are also amazing, faithful and strong life companions. Moki teaches me every day…


– jr Italian Champion

– Italian Champion



General information

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Breeder: Harmakhis Wisdom by Sara Venturelli
DOB: 22/10/2016
Height: 67 cm
Weight: 42 Kg

Health tests
ED: 0
OCD: 0

Genetic tests

Degenerative Myelopathy: NN
Haemophilia B : X(N)Y not carrier
D-Locus: D/D
B-Locus: B/B
JME: Clear

Moki’s parents